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The Canada Revenue Agency’s web content was successfully migrated to in July 2017. CRA is the theme lead for Taxes on The majority of the CRA’s content is found under the Taxes theme.

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La migration du contenu Web de l’Agence du revenu du Canada vers le site a été réalisée en juillet 2017. L’ARC est responsable du thème Impôts sur
La majorité du contenu de l’ARC se trouve sous le thème Impôts.

Canada Revenue Agency official website. Canadian tax residents are required to declare their worldwide income to the government and pay income tax, while non-resident Canadian tax residents are required to declare and pay income in Canada.

According to the classification, Canada mainly includes: personal income tax, wealth tax (capital gain tax, interest tax, dividend tax), consumption tax (provincial, federal), use tax (highway tolls, bridge tolls), customs duties, asset transfer tax, etc. .